front room folk


An  eclectic non-electric musical collective.

Formed in the spring of 2011, we've played a lot of Celtic stuff, some French, some English, some klezmer, even some John Barry. Sometimes we sing.


Some of us are brilliant. Some of us struggle to keep up. We all have a lot of fun. We include fiddle players, mandolins, bodhrans, ukuleles, guitars, flutes, recorders, melodeons, accordions, cahons. You name it,


The idea was that we would not be like conventional sessions which can be quite scary to newcomers and sometimes become pretty earnest. Instead, we like to play in front rooms where we can chat, swap tunes musical tips and eat snacks. It's about the real pleasure of playing music together. But we've also ended up playing festivals, ceilidhs, street parties and gigs.


If you want to find out what we're up to, the best place to start is our Facebook group. Or come and see us playing.





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Brighton's Front Room Folk are a bunch of acoustic musicians who believe that music should be social, fun and open.

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